Training Academy

Providing training for both healthcare professionals and commercially oriented stakeholders who are active in the cardiac surgery field.


Healthcare professionals

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Commercially oriented stakeholders

Heartbeat’s Training Vision

In addition to face to face teaching and a clinical setting,  hands on training is used in a wetlab that is tailored to the needs of the trainees. Additionally, Heartbeat offers the possibility of providing simulation education. Heartbeat has two Califia perfusion simulators with which both equipment and procedure skills can be trained in an intensive manner. Our instructors are EUSIM certified.

What’s Going On

Different target groups
We expect a variety of audiences. For example, we received teams from all over the world who work in Cardiothoracic surgery. We also received commercially oriented stakeholders.

Training methods
Protocol and patient management, Wet lab, Hands-on and troubleshooting, Simulation training, Scientific presentations

ECMO/ ECLS Simulation training with a variety of patients scenario’s

  • Continuous bleeding of an ECLS patient
  • Clotting of the system
  • Cannulae displacement
  • Sepsis
  • Lung oedema
  • Kinking of tubing during transport
  • Volume shifts in the patient