Scientific meeting ScanSECT, September 4-6th 2019

Peter van den Barselaar and Marco Stehouwer are at the ScanSECT September 4-6th, 2019

Peter van den Barselaar discusses; Innovation in Perfusion, how the new generation heart-lung machines can improve patient outcome.
He refers to our new innovative heart-lung machine the Spectrum Medical’s Quantum Perfusion System and particular what it means for patient care. After a long test period, this machine was put into operation at the beginning of 2019. With the latest technology on board it is the most advanced heart lung machine of this time.

Marco Stehouwer in turn discusses; The role of gaseous microemboli in the adverse effects of cardiopulmonary bypass.
Marco has a PHD in gaseous microemboli in perfusion systems. He discusses driven and passionate about the sense and nonsense of airremoval in perfusion systems.

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