Multi center trial TACT is about to begin…


The TACT study (Target Activated Clotting Time for anti coagulation during cardiopulmonary bypass) is a multi center Randomised Control Trial (RCT) among patients undergoing elective cardio surgery with the use of the heart lung machine. The patients are randomized into a group with a target ACT of 400 seconds and a group with a target ACT of 480 seconds


It is not known whether a target ACT value of 400 seconds is more favorable or less favorable with regard to, among other things, blood product use, blood loss and thromboembolic events in comparison with a target ACT value of 480 seconds


The current target ACT values are not based on prospective randomized clinical studies with clinically relevant endpoints. The target ACT in the various cardiosurgical centers in the Netherlands are mostly based on experiences from an outdated clinical setting.

The TACT study aims to contribute to the substantiation and preparation of guidelines within the field of clinical perfusion and also to contribute to the quality improvement of the peri-operative traject

Start of inclusion: October 2019 (expected)
Duration of inclusion: approximately 18 months

For contact, information or interest to participate:

Karin Gorter
T: +31 88 757 13 99

Visiting address:
Heidelberglaan 100

Participating centers