Haga Hospital The Hague

Haga ziekenhuis

Haga Teaching Hospital was created in 2004 as a result of the merger between 3 hospitals in The Hague: Juliana Children's Hospital, Red Cross Hospital and Leyenburg Hospital. The hospital is part of the Reinier Haga group with locations in Zoetermeer, Delft and The Hague.

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The Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit (CSU)

As part of the Heart center wich founded in 2003, we performed over 10,000 adult cardiothoracic procedures. Currently the CSU performs over 750 adult cardiothoracic operations per year, mainly involving coronary surgery, heart valve surgery, cardiothoracic vascular surgery and cardiac rhythm surgery. The unit emphasis on treatment of Minimal Invasive Operations. The use of Minimal Extra Corporeal Circulation (MECC) is an important part of the continuous focus on quality improvement.

For contact and information:

Bas Buchner
E: basbuchner@hb.vandelft.tech
T: +31  70 210 53 49
M: +31 6 46 15 87 23

Visiting address:
Els Borst-Eilersplein 275
2545 AA Den Haag

Four perfusionists from Heartbeat are responsible for all extracorporeal circulation (ECC) procedures:

  • Extracorporeal circulation in adults
  • Mechanical circulatory support, Intra Arterial Blood Pump (IABP)
  • Mechanical circulatory support, ExtraCorporeal Life Support (ECLS)
  • Blood management techniques
  • Platelet gel procedures