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The Catharina Hospital is a top clinical training hospital. The hospital is known nationally for its highly specialized care for cancer and heart disease. Regionally, Catharina Hospital has a leading position in the treatment of overweight and renal failure.
The Catharina Heart and Vascular Center is the largest heart and vascular center in the Netherlands and approximately 1400 open heart operations are performed on adult patients.

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The hospital is part of the Santeon Group, a collaboration of 7 top clinical hospitals. The aim of the collaboration is to continue to improve medical care innovation.


In addition to performing extracorporeal circulation (ECC), the application of advanced blood management techniques at various disciplines is an important spearhead within the perfusion department.

The ECC department is also involved in the Hypertherm Intra Peritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC). There are currently around 70 HIPEC interventions.

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